We can help to tend a grave.

We are a small goup of volunteers  who can maintain the grave of a loved one for a small charge if you cannot attend to it youself.  All donations are used to provide flowers and materials or otherwise to provide benefit to the cemetery. The volunteers do not receive any financial benefit  from this work.

For  a basic annual fee of £35 we aim to keep the weeds at bay and place  flowers  on your selected date e.g.  a birthday or special anniversery. This service can be tailored to your own requirements.

​Use our contact form to let us know which plot you are interested in,  together with your contact details. If you do not know the plot number, you will need to provide the name and date of death of the deceased. We will then aim to trace the plot. Once we have located it we will photograph it and send you a copy. At this stage we will discuss your requirements.   

​​If structural work  and renovation is required we can help you to contact a local  organisation who can undertake this type of work.


Latest News

  • Action Days 2017
    Action Days 2017

    We will resume our action days very shortly, watch this space for updates soon. Please come and join us, many hands make light work and we may even throw in a brew and a biscuit.